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Governor Tony Evers came to Wausau to announce the new venture between the two sister states. "We are celebrating today that fresh ginseng will soon be able to be exported to Taiwan where their consumers will be able to enjoy the best of American ginseng," Evers said. Trade is not a new subject between Wisconsin and Taiwan. The two have been in partnership for years. Wisconsin has exported soybeans, corn, dairy products and more to the Taiwan. In 2020, Wisconsin exported nearly 50 million dollars worth of goods to Taiwan, ranging from forestry items to agricultural products. In attendance at the ceremony was Taiwan’s representative to the United States, Bi-khim Hsiao. Hsiao says the new trade agreement will open new opportunities and strength the partnership between Taiwan and Wisconsin. Ginseng has been used in Asian cultures for centuries, and in Taiwan the root is used for medical and health benefits.


Mohib Ullah in 2020 at a refugee camp in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. Death threats had become part of his life. Mohib Ullah traveled to Europe and the United States to raise awareness of the plight of Rohingya Muslims, who have endured decades of state persecution in Myanmar. Many had their citizenship essentially stripped from them after a xenophobic military dictatorship targeted ethnic minorities. By the 2000s, once-vibrant Rohingya communities were depleted, as the authorities limited their worship, education and health care. The Myanmar authorities mandated that Rohingya women control the number of children they bore so that the Muslim population of Rakhine State would not compete with the Buddhist one. After a civilian government began sharing power with the military in 2015, the pogroms against the Rohingya intensified. Elected leaders and military officers alike maintained that no such group called the Rohingya existed, referring to them instead as Bengalis, to imply that they were interlopers from Bangladesh rather than an ethnic group that called Myanmar home. In a speech before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2019, Mr.

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Even if McDonough is right about the effectiveness of masking, it still can be rational not to require masks. Policy judgments are more complex than McDonough thinks, and he is wrong to presume the Board didn’t do its job. When deliberating policy, school boards function like juries. They have to make a decision. Experts can testify on both sides and offer their fallible opinions, but in the end the jury has to decide whom to believe. With regard to masking, maybe the Board heard from folks like McDonough. Maybe they also heard from folks like Dr. Scott W. Atlas, senior health advisor to a number of presidents, and learned the science is not settled. Many top infectious disease scientists and public health organizations question the efficacy of masking. Maybe they noticed that the public health elites in Washington have given conflicting advice on masking, have economic and political conflicts of interest, and have even flat-out lied to us.

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