Does the COVID Vaccine Affect Fertility? Here's What Chicago's Top Doctor Says As the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updates its guidance for pregnant women  surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, questions have surfaced regarding the vaccine's effect on fertility. All three vaccines being used in the U.S. have shown no impacts, according to Chicago's top doctor. As reported earlier this year, some people who menstruate saw  changes to their periods  after getting vaccinated, but Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said there have been no signs of any long-lasting symptoms. FDA Official Hopeful 5- to 11-Year-Olds Can Get COVID Vaccine Before Start of 2022 The Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine chief said Friday the agency will rapidly evaluate COVID-19 vaccinations for younger children as soon as it gets the needed data — and won’t cut corners. Dr. Peter Marks told The Associated Press he is “very, very hopeful” that vaccinations for 5- to 11-year-olds will be underway by year’s end. Maybe sooner: One company, Pfizer, is expected to turn over its study results by the end of September, and Marks say the agency hopefully could analyze them “in a matter of weeks.” In the U.S., anyone 12 and older is eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. But with schools reopening and the delta variant causing more infections among kids, many parents are anxiously wondering when younger children can get the shots. CPS Parents, Teachers Hold Rally Amid Concerns About District's COVID Protocols Chicago Public Schools parents held a protest in front of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s house Monday, aiming to give voice to their concerns over the dangers of the coronavirus. The parents are seeking options to return to online learning, saying that they aren’t satisfied with the protocols and policies schools have put in place, or with the enforcement of those rules. Protesters held a march on Monday in Logan Square, demanding accountability and other action items, with parents, students and some teachers gathering at the Logan Square Monument. Pritzker Announces Programs to Provide Child Care, Other Services to Parents Seeking Jobs Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Illinois Department of Human Services Secretary Grace Hou have announced a program that will aim to give parents three months of free child care as they search for new employment. Under the program, IDHS will expand eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), which gives three months of free coverage for unemployed parents who are seeking employment. [Training]

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2:01 There are signs that the Canadian jobs landscape is currently going through a transformation that will affect us all, but with the country in the midst of an election, many of the complex issues have been hard to address. Jobs numbers out Friday morning show the Canadian economy created 90,000 new jobs in August, bringing the unemployment rate to 7.1 per cent.   Despite signs of an economic slowdown in late spring , it was another month of jobs gains, after Statistics Canada reported the economy created 94,000 jobs in July, driving the unemployment rate down to 7.5 per cent. But whatever the short-term progress on job creation, many in the know — including Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem — see the Canadian economy charging back toward full employment this year and next, as the central bank considers cutting back on stimulus and raising interest rates. Canada added 94,000 jobs in July, pushing jobless rate down to 7.5% Speaking Thursday in French to the Quebec Chamber of Commerce, Macklem described both a strong recovery in jobs hit hard by COVID-19 and at the same time a complicated shift in the way Canadians work. "It is clear that the pandemic has had a profound effect on the labour market," Macklem said in a question-and-answer session after his speech. He described the impact as complex. The Bank of Canada says reopening Canadian restaurants, like this one in Ottawa, is helping to reduce employment inequality caused by the pandemic, but many employers say they continue to have trouble finding workers. (Mathieu Theriault/CBC/Radio-Canada) As many reports have suggested, despite high unemployment, employers complain that many jobs remain vacant. The K-shaped recovery has meant that some of the lowest-paid workers have been the most affected, including those in retail and restaurants. Macklem said he expects the recovery in those sectors to lead to a "reduction in those inequalities." In the current election campaign, all of the candidates know that jobs remain an important issue. An outline of the parties' positions on jobs is encapsulated in this CBC platform outline (scroll down or click on "Jobs" on the directory at the left). Students urged to go into trades as industry faces labour shortage But as former Progressive Conservative leader Kim Campbell once famously implied, it is sometimes hard to address issues in all of their complexity while on the stump. Some of the profound effects that Macklem mentioned are still not understood and do not lend themselves to election time sound bites. In an effort to get a handle on the confusing state of the current labour market, the Bank of Canada is currently working on a forthcoming research paper titled  Assessing Labour Market Slack for Monetary Policy . "Labour slack," while it includes the unemployed people measured web site by the Friday jobs numbers, is much more than that. It includes all of the people who would really like to work more but for various reasons disappear from the jobless numbers. It is a concept familiar to Jim Stanford, the well-known labour economist who now heads the Canadian-Australian Centre for Future Work . As he said in an email conversation, a 7.5 per cent rate of unemployment is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for a new career? Here are 3 jobs that are in high demand right now "It doesn't count people working very short hours, who want and need more work," Stanford said, pointing out that Statistics Canada counts you as employed if you work a single hour in a week.

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Commissioner Persichilli Announces the Departure of Deputy Commissioner Marcela Ospina Maziarz Commissioner Persichilli Announces the Departure of Deputy Commissioner Marcela Ospina Maziarz New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli today announced the departure of Deputy Commissioner of Health Systems Marcela Ospina Maziarz. Maziarz will join Thomas Edison State University as their vice president for Community and Government Affairs on November 1. Maziarz joined the Department in 2018 and in her role as Deputy Commissioner of Health Systems she oversaw healthcare facility licensing, inspections and enforcement of regulations, the certificate of need program and major funding programs such as charity care and graduate medical education. “Marcela’s commitment to improving quality of care, health equity and protecting the health of residents advanced the Department’s efforts to build a healthier New Jersey,” Persichilli said. During her tenure at the Department, Maziarz led a strategic plan focused on restructuring government policies and interventions to address poor outcomes for minority mothers and babies in the state. The strategic intervention led to the creation of the New Jersey Maternal Care Quality Collaborative, and a $10 million grant awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration; to create replicable health interventions to eliminate preventable deaths and morbidities. Maziarz also played a central role in New Jersey’s COVID-19 response helping facilities to navigate federal and state directives, striving for equitable access and quality care for those affected by the pandemic. “Marcela’s dedication to underserved communities continued during the vaccination effort, where she spearheaded outreach efforts to boost vaccination rates among those most at risk,” Persichilli added. Robin Ford, Executive Director of Hospital Finance, will assume this role following Maziarz’s departure. Follow the New Jersey Department of Health on Twitter @njdeptofhealth, Facebook /njdeptofhealth, Instagram @njdeptofhealth and LinkedIn /company/njdeptofhealth.